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ALRITE!!! %u305F%u308F%u3054%u3068

2007-08-01 21:56:05 by thrakish

bob episode 2 has officially gotten a GREAT score on the portal. and who knows it might just get more attention soon. this makes me very happy. in fact, all of you make me happy.

hey guys!!!

2007-07-28 21:51:23 by thrakish

alright fans!!! so for all of you're information, you may refer to me as thrakish. anyone here who has seen bob ep. 1 should know that it is a bit confusing, that is why i'll be releasing a version 2 with enhanced illustration and cleaner plotline and voice acting. in about 2 days bob episode 2 will be here. it is VERY well done, and you should see in imediate improvment in the animation.

otherwise i've also been working on a project called "three" and the "joe tv. man" series. three is a series that takes place in an arid desert wasteland that is a future earth. certain architechtures like the pyramids, and the metropolitan have survived the milleniums, the terrans (humans) have established sand tribes, neighboring the tatooed/moth like alfean people and the blind craftsmen in the mountains known as dwarfs. it takes place at a terran ritual, where two brothers must cooperate to take down a sand troll. the sand troll stands aprox. 20 feet high, and has two rows of teeth and a thick blue membrane on its forehead that stores water. after slaying it the brother who brings back its tounge will be granted the tribes most prized treasure, and with it is prophecised to become emperor of the sandlands. and it doesn't end there! trust me, it's going to be fucking nuts.

sorry if you're eyes hurt at this point, but here is what joe tv. man is about. it is about a bartender named joe, who goes under a major transformation. his television set grows fangs and burrows into his rib cage, not only bringing him immense pain but also cursing him and infusing him with demon powers. now he is trying to lift the curse by finding the only people who would know how to stop an evil tv. set. the AMISH!!! who happen to be a supreme group of demon slayers. alrite!!!

i'd also like to thank the awsome david mills for his support and motivation i wouldn't have gotten off my ass without him.