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ALRITE!!! %u305F%u308F%u3054%u3068

2007-08-01 21:56:05 by thrakish

bob episode 2 has officially gotten a GREAT score on the portal. and who knows it might just get more attention soon. this makes me very happy. in fact, all of you make me happy.


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2007-08-02 02:27:35

Hell yea man, it deserves every bit too. Nice banner btw. When I first saw it, I thought it was some kind of online game that NG keeps advertising. Then I thought they had stolen your idea! Lol, now that I know you can put your own banners up, I gatta say looks nice man, Congrats on Bob's success.

thrakish responds:

hells yeah! it still hasn't gotten as many votes as bob 1, so i think it still could go up some more, problem is, it isn't on the front of the portal anymore... well anyways, who knows. i could take the easy way out and just use the stupid tweening repeatedly but i prefer to use FBF, which is actually very hard when you animate people running, and people getting thrown. yeah... i did do a great job. tell me if you get anything new on the grounds!